Long Shot – Blu-ray Review

Long Shot is a 2019 American romantic comedy film that was directed by Jonathan Levine and written by Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah.  The plot follows a journalist, played by Seth Rogen, who reunites with his former babysitter, played by Charlize Theron, now the United States Secretary of State.  O’Shea Jackson Jr., Andy Serkis, June Diane Raphael, Bob Odenkirk, and Alexander Skarsgard also star in the film.

The film had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 9, 2019, and was theatrically released in the United States on May 3, 2019, by Lionsgate Films.  Overall, it received generally positive reviews from critics, but was average at the box office.  The film received major praise for the performances and the chemistry of Rogen and Theron.

The Film Itself (4/5):

Long Shot is a pretty solid, good-natured comedic movie that seems to place itself outside of the normal weed jokes and stupid humor that Rogen’s known for.  The overall tone of the movie is considerably calm, and doesn’t overload the audience with a lot of junk.  Overall, my wife and I really enjoyed this movie, especially since we didn’t go into it with any real kind of expectations.

Picture Quality (5/5):

Presented in 2.39:1 courtesy of Lionsgate Films, the Blu-ray release of Long Shot was filmed using a variety of Arri Alexa cameras, with a final digital intermediate being finished at 2K.  While the movie as a whole doesn’t necessarily call for a lot of visual pop, the overall presentation that is to be had is really nicely executed and offers a considerably clean look into the storyline at hand.  Including the finer details to the beard hairs on Rogen’s face to some of the various night time sequences really standing out with this release, the overall presentation is exactly what you would expect it to be with a standard Blu-ray release.

Audio Quality (4.5/5):

Packaged with an English Dolby Atmos audio track, the Blu-ray release of Long Shot gives its viewers a pretty decent amount of surround activity, particularly through the various party scenes that happen.  With the most notable sequence being the one that includes the members of Boyz II Men.  Overall, the dialogue is spoken cleanly, and the characters are able to be heard and understood without any need to adjust the volume levels as it progresses onward.

The Packaging (3/5):

The Blu-ray release of Long Shot comes packaged in the standard two-disc amaray case.  In that case, the standard Blu-ray copy of the movie, and the standard DVD copy.  The Blu-ray disc featuring the same artwork that’s been included on the case, with the DVD only wearing the standard release text.  There is a digital copy redemption pamphlet for streaming options.  A slipcover has also been provided during the initial print run of the release that features the same artwork that’s been provided on the case.

Special Features (3/5):

There are a number of special features included with the Blu-ray release of Long Shot.  The content that’s included offers a nice look at some of the behind the scenes work that went into making this movie, while others focuses on some of the characters at hand.  Included with this release is:

  • All’s Fair in Love and Politics: Making Long Shot
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven: Seth and Charlize Uncensored
  • Secret Weapons
  • Epic Flarsky Falls
  • Prime Minister Stewart O-Rama
  • Hanging with Boyz II Men
  • The First Mister: A Portrait
  • An Imperfect Union
  • Love and Politics
  • Friends Like These

Technical Specs:


Codec: MPEG-4 AVC

Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Original Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1


English: Dolby Atmos

English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)

Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1


English SDH, Spanish


Original Film: 125 Minutes

Final Thoughts:

Long Shot is obviously a movie that steps outside of the norm that we’ve seen with Seth Rogen, and it’s an extension of his career that I’m certainly welcoming as it is significantly more serious than the majority of his previous roles, but still dabbles into comedic gestures that allows for anything from a small laugh to a good, deep belly laugh.  The video and audio presentation of the Blu-ray release were right on par with what you should expect it to be with a standard Blu-ray release, and did a great job at presenting the overall story at hand.  The special features, while they really weren’t any thing special, they were a nice venture into some of the production work that went into the movie.  If you’re considering picking this movie up for your collection, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.  Long Shot is available on Blu-ray and DVD today.

Note: This Blu-ray was sent to us for review. This has not affected our judgement or editorial process in any way. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.