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The Wizard (1989) – Betamax Review

The late 1980s was a period riff with Childsploitation movies.  Mac and Me, a blatant two hour advertisement for McDonalds that heavily rips off E.T., is easily the worst offender of this period. It’s not unfair...


Power Rangers – A Comprehensive Review

This is a classic American television series that originated from the Japanese live-action Super Sentai (which was still the source of many of the visuals) emerged upon us on August 28, 1993 and helped launch...


Rifftrax: Breaker! Breaker! – VOD Review

A short time ago we posted a Blu-ray review of the Chuck Norris film Breaker! Breaker!. Basically it was an average Chuck Norris B-movie about driving trucks, kicking ass and general riffraff with no consequences....