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4/20 Massacre – VOD Review

4/20 Massacre is a 2018 horror action movie written and directed by Dylan Reynolds. The film stars Jamie Bernadette, Vanessa Rose Parker, Stacy Danger, Justine Wachberger, and Marissa Pistone. 4/20 Massacre gives off the fulfilling high.

Hell’s Kitty – VOD Review

Hell’s Kitty is a 2018 written and directed by Nicholas Tana. Tana also stars in the film as Nick, the owner of Angel an adorable, pure evil cat. Many memorable faces to horror fans also...

The Disaster Artist – 4K Digital Review

In tonights video I review The Disaster Artist in 4K Dolby Vision. I was super pumped to give this one a watch and let me tell you I wasn’t left disappointed. In this review...

Butcher the Bakers – VOD Review

Butcher the Bakers is a 2017 comedic horror film written and directed by Tyler Amm. It stars Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Lisa Wojck, and Devon Ford. Butcher the Bakers kills it, in the...

Bright – VOD Review

Bright is a 2017 American urban fantasy action crime film that was directed and produced by David Ayer and written by Max Landis. The film features Will Smith as a Los Angeles Police Department police...

Curse of the Witch’s Doll – VOD Review

Curse of the Witch’s Doll – VOD Review

Curse of the Witch’s Doll is a 2018 horror film written and directed by Lawrence Fowler. The film stars Helen Crevel, Phillip Ridout and Layla Watts. Witch’s Doll proves dolls aren’t very frightening.

Skybound – VOD Review

Skybound is a 2017 thriller film written and directed by Alex Tavakoli. The film stars Scarlett Bryne, Gavin Stenhouse and Rick Cosnett. Does Skybound soar, just not very high. Matt(Cosnett) decides to bring his...

The Foreigner – VOD Review

The Foreigner is a 2017 Netflix original film starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, based on the book The Chinaman by Stephen Leather and directed by Martin Campbell.