Blu-ray/DVD Bargains For 5/8/2018

Blu-ray Bargains

1.  In-Store at Target, there’s Stranger Things: Season 1 Collector’s Edition for $5.00 (YMMV)

2. As well as American Made for $12.00.

3. Best Buy has the following Blu-rays on sale for $5.99 each:
Step Up
Chances Are
Fever Pitch
The Warriors
The Italian Job
Baby Mama
Atlas Shrugged Part II
Kill Bill Vol. 2
No Country for Old Men
The Transporter 1 & 2
Under The Skin
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Last of the Mohicans
A Million Ways to Die in the West

4. As well as the Underworld 5-Movie Gift Set for $29.99.

5. There’s also the Resident Evil 6-Movie Gift Set for $29.99.

6. Or at Walmart, grab James and the Giant Peach (Special Edition) for $9.13.

7. TODAY ONLY, at Frys, grab Spider-Man Homecoming 3D for $9.99 after Promo Code

8. As well as Stargate: The Ark Of Truth/Continuum Double Feature for $9.75.

9. Amazon Warehouse Deals has Alvin & The Chipmunks (USED) for $1.88.

10. As well as Men In Black (USED) for $2.71.

11. There’s also Ripper Street: Series 1 (USED) for $3.25.

12. And Inception (USED) for $3.51.

13. You can also grab Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (USED) for $3.71.

14. While Amazon has Bad Moms for $5.00.

15. As well as The Last Airbender for $5.22.

16. There’s also the Sherlock Holmes Collection for $9.96.

17. And Supergirl: Season 2 for $14.99.

18. You can also grab Your Name for $17.99.

19. Or Terminator Genisys (4K UHD) for $18.09.

20. They also have The Iron Giant (Ultimate Collector’s Edition) for $37.49.

21. As well as Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Series for $64.98
– This title is Out Of Print

DVD Bargains

1.   At Best Buy, grab Pokemon: Adventures In The Organce Islands – The Complete Collection for $7.99.

2. While Walmart has Grey’s Anatomy: Season 6, Season 7 and Season 8 for $9.96 each.

3. Warehouse Deals has Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (USED) for $0.54.

4. As well as The Dark Knight (USED) for $0.82.

5. There’s also Defiance (USED) for $0.96.

6. And Die Hard (USED) for $1.01.

7. You can also grab Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban (USED) for $1.12.

8. Or at Amazon, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life for $10.00.

9. As well as This Is Us: Season 1 for $15.00.

10. There’s also Stories Of Floating Weeds (Criterion Collection) for $17.76.

Misc. Bargains

1. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Best Buy sorted with the lowest price first!

2. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Amazon, sorted by price and prime eligible!

3.   Our friends over at PopupPack have weekly flash sales that adhere to a certain genre.  Signing up for an account is completely free and they often have some really great titles.  Check them out at

– Current Popup: New Sale Coming Soon+

4.  At Buydig, get a Samsung UBD-M8500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player for $94.99 shipped after discount at checkout

DISCLAIMER: All prices listed above are noted at the time of making this post – however if it’s a flash promo that I’m unaware of, titles may increase in price after posting.


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