Blu-ray/DVD Bargains For 3/20/2019

Blu-ray Bargains

1. Walmart is offering The Hateful Eight for $5.00.

2. While Amazon has the Spider-Man Trilogy Collection for $21.58.

3. As well as The Walking Dead: Season 1 for $11.98.

4. There’s also Gods of Egypt for $4.99.

5. And Liar Liar for $5.00.

6. You can also grab the Fast & Furious 6-Movie Collection for $29.85.

7. Or Vinyl: Season 1 for $18.28.

8. This weeks new releases include:
    – Accident
    – Being Rose
    – The Big Fix (Twilight Time)
    – Big Kill
    – Born In East L.A. (Collector’s Edition)
    – Burst Angel: The Complete Series
    – Cleopatra Jones
    – Close Calls (Collector’s Edition)
    – Crone Wood
    – Damepri Anime Caravan
    – The Deadly Mantis
    – Detour (Criterion Collection)
    – Dies irae: The Complete Series
    – Doctor Who: Tom Baker Complete Series 7
    – Eagle’s Wing
    – Easter Land
    – Far From Heaven (Special Edition)
    – The Final Wish
    – Freezing: Season 1
    – Freezing Vibration: Season 2
    – Frontline Heroes Collection
    – Hakumei & Mikochi
    – The Iceman
    – The Jazz Singer
    – Losin’ It
    – Love and Other Strangers
    – Mary Poppins (Best Buy Steelbook)
    – Mary Poppins Returns
    – The Minion
    – Ned Kelly (Collector’s Edition)
    – On Her Shoulders
    – One Piece: Episode of Sabo
    – Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us
    – The Quake
    – The Quiller Memorandum (Twilight Time)
    – Spiders (Triple Feature)
    – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
            – Amazon Exclusive
            – Target Exclusive
            – Best Buy Steelbook
    – Strip Nude For Your Killer (Special Edition)
    – Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?
    – Tucked
    – Ultimate Otaku Teacher: The Complete Series
    – Wanda (Criterion Collection)
    – The Whole Town’s Talking (Twilight Time)
    – The Wild Heart
    – The Witches
    – Lord of War (4K UHD)
    – Mary Poppins Returns (4K UHD)
            – Target Exclusive
            – Best Buy Steelbook
    – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (4K UHD)

9. Amazon UK is offering the following Region Free 3D Blu-rays for $9-$10 each:
    – Despicable Me 2 (3D)
    – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3D)
    – Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D)
    – The Secret Life of Pets (3D)

Digital Bargains

1. VUDU has Masters of Horror: Season 1 for $7.00.

2. As well as The Tudors: The Complete Series for $19.00.

3. There’s also Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection Bundle for $9.99.

4. And DC Universe: The 10th Anniversary 30-Film Collection for $99.99.

Misc. Bargains

1. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Best Buy sorted with the lowest price first!

2. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Amazon, sorted by price and prime eligible!

DISCLAIMER: All prices listed above are noted at the time of making this post – however if it’s a flash promo that I’m unaware of, titles may increase in price after posting.

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