Blu-ray/DVD Bargains For 10/21/2018

Blu-ray Bargains

1. The following Steelbooks are available to preorder at Best Buy with store pickup:
– The Incredibles 2 (4K UHD) 
– Kin (4K UHD)
– Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
– The Meg (4K UHD)
– Mission: Impossible – Fallout (4K UHD)
– The Predator (4K UHD)
– The Shape Of Water (4K UHD) 
– Venom (4K UHD)
– Westworld: Season 2 (4K UHD)
– Wreck-It Ralph 2 (4K UHD)

2. Best Buy also has the following 4K UHD Movies on sale for $9.99 each:
– The Peanuts Movie (4K UHD)
– Red (4K UHD)
– Hitman: Agent 47 (4K UHD)
– Ice Age: Collision Course (4K UHD)
– Fantastic Four (4K UHD)
– X-Men: First Class (4K UHD)
– Snitch (4K UHD)
– The Maze Runner (4K UHD)
– The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (4K UHD)
– Now You See Me (4K UHD)
– Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (4K UHD)

3. Deep Discount has a selection of Olive Films Blu-rays on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free when you use coupon code OLIVEBOGO at checkout.

4. While Amazon has The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Special Edition) for $9.98.

5. As well as Stargate: The Ark Of Truth/Continuum for $10.99.

6. There’s also 4 Film Favorites – Final Destination for $12.00.

7. And the Darkman Trilogy for $13.39.

8. You can also grab any of the following 4K UHD Movies for $9.99 each:
– Hitman: Agent 47 (4K UHD)
– Snitch (4K UHD)
– Now You See Me (4K UHD)

DVD Bargains

1.   Amazon has the Psycho Complete 4-Movie Collection on sale for $13.74.

Digital Bargains

1. Pumpkinhead – $4.99 at Amazon

2. The Island of Dr. Moreau – $4.99 at Amazon

3. Paranormal Activity – $4.99 at Amazon

4. House of 1,000 Corpses – $4.99 at Amazon

5. Suicide Squad (Extended Cut) – $4.99 at The Microsoft Store

6. The following movies have recently been added to Prime Video include:
– The Illusionist
– Jigsaw
– Galaxy Quest
– Hot Tub Time Machine
– Footloose
– Pet Semetary
– Legend
– Starship Troopers
– The Cell

Misc. Bargains

1. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Best Buy sorted with the lowest price first!

2. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Amazon, sorted by price and prime eligible!

3. At Best Buy, they have the LG UBK90 Smart 4K UHD Player + Choice of 3 Select 4K UHD Movies + the Logitech Harmony 865 10-Device Universal Remote for $199.99 with free shipping.  (NOTE: The Logitech Harmony 665 Remote is automatically added in cart).

– Star Trek (4K UHD)
– Star Trek Into Darkness (4K UHD)
– Star Trek Beyond (4K UHD)
– Independence Day (4K UHD)
– Ghost In The Shell (4K UHD)
– John Wick: Chapter 2 (4K UHD)
– Wonder Woman (4K UHD)
– Transformers: The Last Knight (4K UHD)
– King Kong Ultimate Edition (4K UHD)
– Prometheus (4K UHD)
– Logan (4K UHD)
– Serenity (4K UHD)
– Apollo 13 (4K UHD)
– Justice League (4K UHD)
– Interstellar (4K UHD)
– The Incredible Hulk (4K UHD)
– Saving Private Ryan (4K UHD)
– Ready Player One (4K UHD)
– Pacific Rim: Uprising (4K UHD)
– Gladiator  (4K UHD)
– Braveheart (4K UHD)
– The Matrix (4K UHD)
– Rampage (4K UHD)
– Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (4K UHD)

DISCLAIMER: All prices listed above are noted at the time of making this post – however if it’s a flash promo that I’m unaware of, titles may increase in price after posting.



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