Blu-ray/DVD Bargains For 1/20/2018

Blu-ray Bargains

1. Fry’s is offering the following Blu-rays for $1.99 each:
Gamera Double Feature
Gamera 3
Hostel Double Feature
The Replacement Killers/Truth Or Consequences
Shark Divers
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
National Parks Exploration Series: Glacier
Earth From Above: Food and Wildlife Conservation
Spaghetti Western Double Feature
The Squid and the Whale/Running with Scissors

2. Over at Best Buy, there’s the Rocky Heavyweight Collection for $19.99.

3. As well as X-Men: Beginnings Trilogy for $19.99.

4. There’s also Groundhog Day (4K UHD) for $19.99.

5. And the John Wick 2-Movie Collection (4K UHD Steelbook) for $32.99

6. While Amazon has the following Blu-rays on sale for $5.00 or less:
Zero Dark Thirty
Cop Land
The King’s Speech
The Boondock Saints
Charlie Wilson’s War
American History X
Gone With The Wind (70th Anniversary)
Black Hawk Down
3:10 to Yuma
This Is The End
The Darkest Hour (Special Edition)
American Hustle
Billy Madison
The Sandlot
Boyz n the Hood
Harry and the Hendersons
Finding Neverland
The Expendables
The Other Guys
Chicago (Diamond Edition)
Olypmus Has Fallen
Gangs Of New York
The Blind Side/Dolphin Tale
The Crow
Red Dawn
William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
Apocalypse Now (Special Edition)

7. As well as The World’s End/Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead (Triple Feature) for $12.52.

8. There’s also Gotham: Season 3 for $14.99.

9. And DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2 for $14.99.

10. You can also grab The Flash: Season 3 for $14.99.

11. Or Supernatural: Season 12 for $14.99.

12. They also have DOA: A Right Of Passage (Special Edition) for $19.06.

DVD Bargains

1. Target has a selection of DVDs on sale for $4.00 each, including:
Alex Cross
The Iron Giant (Signature Edition)
Enemy At The Gates
American Hustle
The Smurfs
Almost Famous
Training Day
Mean Girls
The Fighter

2. In Store at Walmart, they have Trailer Park Boys: Seasons 1-9 Bundle for $29.96 (YMMV)

3. While Amazon has Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Series for $23.99.

4. As well as Roseanne: The Complete Series for $24.96.

5. There’s also The Office: The Complete Series for $36.99.

Misc. Bargains

1. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Best Buy sorted with the lowest price first!

2. Click HERE to check out the Blu-ray selection at Amazon, sorted by price and prime eligible!

DISCLAIMER: All prices listed above are noted at the time of making this post – however if it’s a flash promo that I’m unaware of, titles may increase in price after posting.


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