Atomic Blonde – Sneak Peek

With a director like David Leitch, you may walk into Atomic Blonde expecting the female version of John Wick. A film full of guns blazing, immediate action, and a somewhat shallow plot line.  This could not be further from the truth, Atomic Blonde has an odd rhythm from the get-go that’s driven by the beat of the eighties and gives way to the female action star we’ve all craved for.  Charlize Theron carries her role with a powerful presence and incomparable skill.  If we see more movies of this caliber with a female lead, there may as well be a Jane Bond in our future.  Atomic Blonde breaks the mold and sets the stage with its audacity and unconventional filming giving us hyper-realistic shootouts and ultra cool characters. If your heart beats to the drum of the eighties and you crave a non-stop good time this is definitely one to go see.

Overall 4/5 -Worth the trip to the theatre

Jonathan Combs

Podcaster, Movie Reviewer, and Film Fanatic. I have been collecting Movies since I was 7 years old much to my wallet's dismay. Big Fan of Box Set's and Criterion.

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